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Monthly Summary

The monthly summary summarizes and analyses published during the month. It provides a quick overview of the latest news.

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N°5 - October 2011

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Daily News
article thumbnailDaily News No. 580 - 18 September, 2014 – As part of the energy transition, the use of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) in the transmission of energy is gaining importance due to its ability to handle large volumes of electricity over long distances with little loss. In...
article thumbnailNews that the world’s largest floating solar power station is to begin construction this month suggests that the seas may yield yet another source of exploitable energy. And, while there are undoubtedly engineering challenges, there are clear advantages too. Can floating solar offer another route...
article thumbnailDaily News N°578 – 12th September, 2014 – Considering their geographical location, the ports along the English Channel have seen a great deal of historical activity and the potential of finding archeological deposits, like shipwrecks, is therefore very high. Enriching the...
article thumbnailAmerican children used to be taught the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty, the big egg who fell and couldn’t be put back together again even by the King’s men. It seems a good parable for understanding U.S. energy and climate change conflicts - and more importantly, the implications for the growth...
article thumbnailWind turbine manufacturers are finding themselves under increasing pressure to deliver cost-competitive electricity generation through larger turbines with minimum unscheduled downtime and longer, lighter rotor blades. As a result, the overall integrity of wind turbines and, specifically, the...
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