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Monthly Summary

The monthly summary summarizes and analyses published during the month. It provides a quick overview of the latest news.

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N°5 - October 2011

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Daily News
article thumbnail  A series of recent developments in the UK’s marine renewable energy sector indicates that interest in the industry remains buoyant and it is more than capable of securing investment cash for development. And this is coming at every phase of development, from initial prototype testing right...
article thumbnailUK R3 Round up – how is development progressing? Over the last 14 years, UK’s offshore wind market has developed to be the most buoyant in the world with the development programme now entering its most ambitious phase – Round 3 (R3). The third phase of the UK’s offshore wind development plan was...
article thumbnailDaily News N°553 – 25th July, 2014 – – What price green? That question was raised for me by news reports recently about a new lawsuit to protect birds, especially endangered fowl, from onshore wind power generation. The non-profit group American Bird Conservancy filed...
article thumbnailDaily News N°553 – 24th July, 2014 – – According to new research from the Danish Energy Association (DEA), electricity generated by onshore wind turbines is the cheapest. Offshore wind power, coal and natural gas power plants and decentralized combined heat and power...
article thumbnailDaily News N° 551from Marine Renewables News on 23 July 2014 One of our main offices is in Brittany, but we have so far not published an overview of marine renewables in Brittany. The region has seemed the big loser so far in the race to create a purely French marine renewables industry. Rivals like...
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