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Monthly Summary

The monthly summary summarizes and analyses published during the month. It provides a quick overview of the latest news.

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N°5 - October 2011

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Until N°4, you can download the Monthly Summary for free.

Daily News
article thumbnailDaily News N° 567 for Marine Renewables News on 28/08/2014The Marine Renewable Energy group operates in close partnership with 4C Offshore. Working together enables us to pool our resources with each focussing on what they do best. It also allows us to draw on their world-leading marine...
article thumbnailDaily News N°565 - 26 August 2014 - Marine Renewables News Did experts have too much hope regarding the development of Chinese offshore wind? According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, it is expected that the country may install about 500 MW of offshore wind capacity next year and 1,000 MW in...
article thumbnailDaily News N°564 -Monday 25th /08 / 2014 - Marine Renewables News - Technology firm and leading offshore wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Energy has received an order from the Norwegian energy utilities Statoil and Statkraft for 67 units of its 6 MW machine. This latest in a long line of...
article thumbnailDaily News No. 563 for Marine Renewables News 22 August, 2014 Wave energy devices have been rather out of the news lately so we were pleased to be told about the new alliance between Aquamarine Power and Bosch Rexroth to develop a standardised hydraulic generator capable of converting linear motion into...
article thumbnailDaily News No. 561 for Marine Renewables News - 20th August 2014 The news that EDF has rather belatedly decided to shut down four nuclear reactors in the UK because of a potentially dangerous failure at one of them - Heysham 1 shown above - has passed with surprisingly liitle comment from the...
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